A Guide on How to Make Your Cricut T-Shirt Design

 Are you wondering whether you can design t-shirts to different styles?  A cricut machine will aide in the designing of your t-shirt to match the latest designs in the market.  While designing of clothes using a computer can be challenging, the use of cricut machine only requires you to have vinyl materials that you can customize to different designs and color that will yield your desired design.  Do not worry about the few mishaps that you likely to commit as a beginner in cricut t-shirts designing.  Here below is a discussion on how to come up with a cricut t-shirt design of your own. You can learn more on  how to slice on cricut  here

Research for a design that you would love to have on your t-shirt. There are different designs, colors, and styles available on every new project that you can launch on your cricut machine.  When you are doing t-shirt designing for the first time, you should avoid going for the complicated designs and instead choose one that is simple and comes with fewer details.   You can change the size of your design by increasing or decreasing the width of your crafted design.

 From the template, you should weed out all the unwanted traces of vinyl to prepare the final design to be placed on your t-shirt.  Removing unwanted materials on your design includes peeling off of the vinyl that is not required to be part of the design, this is done cautiously to avoid tearing off the entire design.  Learn to diy starbucks cup now!

Once you have your design at hand, transfer it to your t-shirt. This is an essential step in the designing of your t-shirt, it can either lead to the best results or poor results hence the need to be diligent here.  Where you going to use iron in pressing of the design on your t-shirt, you should ensure the iron is preheated. Besides preheating of your iron, you could also preheat your t-shirt before the design is placed on the position you looking to have it visible.  You can check out on the website of the cricut machine for further details on how to place and press the design on your t-shirt.

 You need to know how you will maintain your new crafted t-shirt.  Your newly designed t-shirt should not be washed or come into contact with water until 24 hours have elapsed since the design was placed on the t-shirt.  Do not use bleaching agents when washing your designed t-shirt and you should also ensure that the t-shirt is turned inside out when washing it. You can get more enlightened on this topic by reading here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-shirt.